MotoGP: New penalty lane approved by MotoGP riders

The Qatar test was not only used by riders and teams to test their 2019 machines but also for Dorna and Race Direction to test an all-new ‘Penalty Lane’ that runs around the outside of turn 6.

MotoGP organisers have trialled an all-new ‘penalty lane’ on the run-off area of turn 6 to provide a more consistent way of giving out penalties for running off track too many times or illegally overtaking another rider.

Previously the penalty for these offences was to drop a position(s) however due to a number of complaints by riders they have decided to change how the penalty is incorporated.

Dropping a position would mean riders could lose a few tenths up to gaps such of 5 seconds resulting in an ‘unfair’ punishment for a small crime, with that being said Dorna have introduced the new lane that means riders will lose the same amount of time should they receive the penalty.

Zarco trialling the new penalty lane – Photo Credit: MotoGP

So far in Qatar, the MotoGP riders have given positive feedback back to Mike Webb (Race Director) and ex MotoGP Race Winner Loris Capirossi.

However, despite the positive feedback, the ‘Long Lap Penalty’ will undergo further tests when Moto2 and Moto3 head to Qatar in a weeks time.

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