NowMoto’s Riders Of The Season.

2018 was a fantastic year to be a MotoGP fan, as there were great races every round, and two championships were extremely close. However only one rider can impress us enough to be deemed worthy of being our Rider Of The Season, and here’s who we chose.

Jacob Ward- Editor.

Alvaro Bautista. Alvaro was a model of consistency after Jerez, placing inside the top 10 for nearly every round until the Valencia finale. He was showing up a lot of the riders on ‘superior’ machinery on his year-old Ducati GP17, and was rewarded with a stand in on the full fat GP18 when Lorenzo was ruled out with injury in Australia, and made it work with a season best fifth. Either Ducati have pulled off a masterstroke letting him go to the WSBK paddock by sending a brilliant rider to head up their new project, or they’ve dropped the ball by letting a supremely talented rider leave the MotoGP paddock. Our paddock is definitely poorer for not having this man in it for 2019.

alvaro rots 2


Nat Jarvis- Business Development Manager.

Marco Bezzecchi. So in 2017 Marco was only 23rd in the World Championship, he didn’t come in to 2018 as a favourite, in fact very few knew who he was until this season, but what an underdog story. Jorge Martin is a deserving champion and a phenomenal motorcycle racer but I felt a bit robbed that we didn’t get the mouthwatering Martin vs Bezzecchi showdown, to me Marco represented the type of underdog everyone loves, the unexpected one, he has the heart of a lion and never not gave up in the face of adversity.

bez rots 1

Ryan Lilly- MotoGP.

Alex Rins. He had a good start to the season, then dipped in middle then just come back and showed what he and Suzuki can do. If Suzuki can keep the development going, Rins will 100% be a title challenger in 2019.

rins rotd 2


Matic Kovacic- WSBK.

I pick Iker Lecuona, as he went from rare points scorer last year (he did race in 13 races last year) to regular top 10 threat in majority of the races in his first full season.. With that season under his belt, I believe he can make another step forward next season and be consistent top 8 threat over the season.

lec rots

Declan Constable- MotoE.

Rider of the season is without a shadow of a doubt Marco Bezzecchi. Absolutely no one expected the pace and speed that he has had this year. It is a shame really for him to get third place in the standings as that doesn’t reflect the hard work he has put into his racing. After being taken out by 2 riders this year in the last few races it ruined his championship and he surely would be champion if that hadn’t happened. However, that’s racing and these things happen. Hopefully he can continue this form in 2019 in Moto2 on the Tech 3 KTM.

bwz rots 2


We will see you all in 2019!

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