NowMoto’s Riders Of The Day: Aragon.

The Aragon MotoGP seven up some truly brilliant racing in all three classes. Here are our Riders Of The Day from a great Sunday in Northern Spain!

Josie Smith- Moto3.

Moto3 – Marco Bezzecchi: He may be at fault for being in the position but to come from 18th to 2nd is incredible. He made a couple of mistakes, ran onto the paintwork and then clawed it back from 8th to 2nd. He put his all into that performance to reclaim some points and keep his title hopes alive.

Moto2 – Brad Binder: If his qualifying performance wasn’t good enough, the moves he pulled when fighting with Marquez were spectacular. Risky, punchy but bloody brilliant.

MotoGP – Aleix Espargaro: He got sixth on an Aprilia. That in itself is a miracle but the way he just chugged on, pushed himself and his bike to keep going after he’d already spoken about how horrible his season has been, it’s amazing.


Jacob Ward- Moto2.

Moto3- Jaume Masia. He got 9th with a broken collarbone! But aside from that he was impressive all weekend and lined up 2nd on the grid, escaping a penalty by using his head and being smart. He was seriously impressive this weekend and deserved a little more.

Moto2- Lorenzo Baldassarri. Balda was nowhere until they lined up on the grid. I don’t know what he found to come through the grid the way that he did, but to do Marquez in his home race on the final lap to get the podium must have felt pretty good.

MotoGP- Andrea Iannone. I did fear for Andrea after his outburst to BT Sport before the race, but he backed up those words in serious style, if the Suzuki had a little more top end we could be saying how good his race win was, he rode that well. Great to see him back!

Balda ROTD

Nat Jarvis- MotoGP.

Moto3: Jorge Martin – Marco Bezzechi got a grid penalty, and Jorge did everything he had to do on the first lap and control the entire race from there.

Moto2: Brad Binder – Showed Oliviera the way this weekend, played the ultimate team mate and took points off Bagnaia. Solid all weekend.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez – What. A. Masterclass. Love him or hate him this kid is seriously special, that move he put on Andrea Dovizioso in to Turn 11 when he went from wide to tight like it was nothing was incredible.


Declan Constable- Moto3/2/GP.

Moto3 – Jaume Masia. For me it would have to be Masia who injured himself only this morning, on the grid and throughout the race he was clearly sore but he raced the whole race and was competitive with a top 10 finish.

Moto2- Brad Binder. My rider of the day is Binder who showed a masterclass and went from pole to the win showing off his talent. He dominated that race and won it cleanly and fairly.

MotoGP- Aleix Espargaro. Aleix equalled the best finish for Aprilia, 6th place. We all know the struggles of Aprilia this year so for Aleix to be able to stick with the main group for a large portion of the race and take sixth is a good step forward.


Ryan Lilly- BSB/MotoGP

Moto3: Marco Bezzecchi – From 18th on the grid to 2nd, limiting the damage made in the championship fight just showed the young Italian’s class as a rider.

Moto2: Brad Binder. Tough one to call but I will say Binder – Taking pole position and the win beating riders of some class shows the Binder we had at the end of 2017. He also moves up to 3rd in the title chase.

MotoGP- Marc Marquez. You just can’t not give it to Marquez – Switching to the soft rear tyre last minute and making it last was good to see. Once again Marc showed his class on a motorcycle planning his attack on Dovi to time it right and making it his 3rd win at Aragon in a row.


Matic Kovacic- WSBK.

Moto3: Marco Bezzecchi. It was a pretty easy decision who to pick for Moto3 as Bez had a proper charge from p18 to properly limit the damage in championship with second place. If he can avoids doing silly mistakes in qualifying in the remaining 5 races and beats Jorge Martin at the same time, we could have an interesting finish title wise in the small class.

Moto2: Brad Binder. Amazing performance from young South African and well deserved second win of the season.. It didn’t look so well until last lap of the qualifying and chances were not high after low key WUP either, but Brad came out fighting, very determined to get the win and help his team mate Miguel Oliveira a bit, since he had a struggling weekend.. Hopefully he can keep the similar form in the remaining 5 races.

MotoGP: Aleix Espargaro. In what was a very frustrating season for the Spaniard and whole Aprilia team, result from Aragon will surely feel like a win.. Amazing start and very fast first 5 laps helped him to get that position Aprilia promised us at the start of the season. Even thought it took more time than they wanted, they managed to overcome a long list of issues for at least a race and get the best result of the season in what was badly needed boost of confidence.


You can find the Moto3 race report here, Moto2 here and MotoGP here.

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