Is Romano Fenati’s MV Augusta deal now at risk?

In yesterday’s San Marino Moto2 Grand Prix the world witnessed possibly one of the most outrageous acts in motorcycle racing when Romano Fenati grabbed Stefano Manzi’s front brake at 134mph.

As you can imagine this has caused quiet a massive reaction worldwide with the action grabbing tabloid headlines across the world this morning, with MotoGP British star Cal Crutchlow saying in the post race press conference “As you can imagine I don’t think he should ever race a motorcycle again, as soon as he got back to his garage the team should have kicked him straight out the back“.

Many riders have taken to social media to show there disgust in what had happened in the Moto2 race. Race direction have punished Fenati with a 2 race ban, many as you can imagine do not believe that this is fitting punishment.

Speaking to MV Augusta boss Giovanni Castiglioni said that the deal now “wont happen” continuing “regarding his contract for a future position as a rider of MV August Moto2, I will oppose myself in every way to stop it. It won’t happen, he doesn’t represent our company’s true values.”

Marinelli Snipers team posted on social media seemingly apologetic but not making clear there intentions with Romano Fenati just yet, however the post has now been deleted from the Marinelli Snipers Team’s social media accounts.

This is not the fiery Italians first offences in Argentina 2016 he kicked Nicky Ajo and then turned his bike off during a practice start, and Austria the same year when he was sacked from the Sky VR46 outfit.

The question remains will we see Fenati on track next year? We leave you

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