BSB: Showdown Decider To Race National Circuit At Silverstone

After last weekends disaster for the MotoGP, British Superbikes race director Stuart Higgs has announced that they will be running the National Circuit.

The British Grand Prix was a washout, but that won’t stop British Superbikes who arrive at the Northamptonshire circuit next week, as they plan to race the National Circuit.

Keeping the start and finish straight the same, the riders will head through Copse, maggots but turn right at Becketts cutting out Stowe, which caused all the issues for MotoGP. Once they head onto the Wellington Straight it’s into Brooklands and Luffield before ending the lap.

Stuart Higgs got a first-hand look at the circuit at last Sundays rained off event, as he was the Clerk of the course as he acted out his FIM duties.

Silverstone is the host of the 9th round of the British Superbike championship and is also the host of the final round of the ‘main’ season as after the triple header the Showdown will begin in Cheshire.

The lap is estimated at just under 55 seconds, so it’s sure we will see some great action as the boys scrap it out for the remaining four spots in the Showdown.

The races will be each 30 laps of the National Circuit with one race on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Take a look at the all-new timetable for the event here

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