BSB: Kyle Ryde Wins The GP2 Supersport Race, Allingham Takes Supersport Win

On his debut return to the Supersport class, Kyle Ryde becomes the first GP2 winner in the Supersport class ahead of his teammate Josh Owens and the first Supersport class rider David Allingham.

Kyle Ryde wins on his debut to the GP2 class after holding off his teammate Josh Owens on the RS Kalex.

Ben Currie had the early advantage, pulling out the lead over EHA’s David Allingham. Kyle Ryde and  Josh Owens pounced on David Allingham demoting the Yamaha rider to 4th position.

The other EHA Yamaha Ross Twyman crashed at Paddock Hill Bend.

Ben Currie dominated the race but ran into trouble on the penultimate lap dropping well off the pace allowing Ryde to pass him and take the lead. Josh Owens followed Kyle through and battled for the win.

David Alligham was next on the list for Ben Currie, as the Aussie was dropping further and further behind, Allingham eventually passing Currie for 3rd place.

Kyle Ryde took the win but it was David Allingham who won the Supersport race with Sam Wilford in 2nd despite finishing in 4th.

For full race results, click here 

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