NowMoto’s Riders Of The Day: Assen.

The MotoGP circus came to Assen for round eight of the championship, and all three classes delivered fantastic racing. We chose our riders of the day in each class.

Josie Smith: Moto3.

Moto3- Jaume Masia. He made up 16 places! Thats ahead of two race winners and four podium finishers INCLUDING second in the championship Di Giannantonio. He was faultless, kept his head down and just pushed but didn’t make the same mistake that a lot of the others did and exceed track limits so he kept his times. Incredible.

Moto2- Fabio Quartararo. Okay, that is a given. I’ve never seen such close undertaking in my life except for Marc Marquez. He saw his tiny opportunity, he committed to the move and executed it perfectly. He’s had so much hype around him for a while now and I’m glad he’s finally able to silence the critics who said it’s undeserved.

MotoGP- Alex Rins. If you go wheel to wheel with Marquez and stay upright then you deserve recognition, but to grab a podium in the chaos of that race was superb. He took the opportunities without hesitation and I’m so glad he’s got another podium under his belt.


Jacob Ward- Moto2

Moto3- Enea Bastianini. ‘Bestia’ was the most mature rider in the field in my opinion. He knew he didn’t have the pace to challenge the top riders, but rode a very smart race to come on strong when it mattered to grab a podium position. A very mature ride from a guy whos been known to throw it up the road a lot.

Moto2- Lorenzo Baldassarri. He knew the win was out of reach. Everyone knew the win was out of reach when Pecco turned up in one of ‘those’ moods. He didn’t even qualify well, but as soon as the race started ‘Iron Balda’ was like a man possessed. He went through the field like a knife through butter, and had second cruelly snatched away from him by a punctured rear tyre. He’s starting to show his class this year, the potential we all knew he had is at last matched by consistency!

MotoGP- Alex Rins. I will say any one of the top 9 riders could have taken this accolade. It was possibly the best race to ever be staged in the modern era, BUT I think Rins deserves a mention above the others, because although he has been on the podium before, that Argentina race was a strange one. This race was the class of the field battling it out and he didn’t look one inch out of place. We haven’t seen him here before at this level of riding, but we will again very soon. A fantastic ride.


Nat Jarvis- MotoGP.

Moto3- John McPhee. Ok, I know he didn’t finish but hear me out. Not only did he play a key part in the top five battle, he was there rather comfortably, and for those of you who know his story you know that hes firstly rarely had a strong enough team around him, and secondly he is plagued by bad luck, being taken out and injured a lot. His crash showed what he was willing to risk to win.

Moto2- Fabio Quartararo. This kid is the gift that keeps on giving at the moment, barely being top eight mid-race then all of a sudden seemingly out of nowhere his late race pace put him second. This backed up the Catalunya win and is also starting to raise a few eyebrows about the Speed Up chassis which will be featured on the site soon as part of our look at all the Moto2 chassis‘.

MotoGP- N/A. I’m not going to name one rider from the top eight because they all truly deserved to stand on the podium. I honestly believe this was one of the best races in MotoGP history, but if I was forced to go for a name id go Alex Rins. He’s had a tough run since Argentina but he mixed it with the world’s best riders and looked really comfortable doing so. So to get second was a good effort. I also want to give a shout out to Rossi and Lorenzo for staying on after colliding at 200+kph in one of the best onboard views I’ve ever seen!



After that breathtaking race in the lowlands of The Netherlands, the MotoGP season moves to Saxony for the German round at Sachsenring. Who will reign supreme? Catch our reports here on NowMoto!

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