Moto2: The Chassis’ – Kalex Engineering

In this five part look at the chassis manufacturers of the Moto2 class, we will start with the most dominant bike, the Kalex chassis.


Kalex triumph
Image Credit: MotoGP


The Kalex has been around since the inception of the Moto2 class in 2010, when it was competing with the Suter & Moriwaki chassis respectively. The Suter is still around, albeit in a slightly less competitive guise, and the Moriwaki has been gone since 2012. The Kalex deserves applause, as it has won every title in Moto2 apart from two, in the hands of some very capable riders including Johann Zarco (twice), Tito Rabat and Franco Morbidelli.

Image Credit: Kalex Engineering

The specs are as follows. The frame weighs just 8.62kg alone, the lightest in the class, but it is pipped to the line in overall weight by the Suter, coming in at 135kg. It is a twin spar aluminium frame, which can be tailored to each rider by having the ability to change the steering geometry, the ride height and the wheelbase. This is mated to a CNC machined swingarm which has the same level of customisation as the frame, and thus can be made to suit any rider. It seems every rider on a Kalex in the World Championship runs upside-down Ohlins forks and the single chamber shock. The bodywork surrounding the frame is carbon fibre, and the fuel tank is made of aluminium. The control tyre for Moto2 are Dunlop, so everyone runs those, albeit with differing compounds.

The only thing that remains the same for every chassis is the control engine, a screaming 600cc four-cylinder that has been in use since 2010. This will soon be replaced in 2019 by a Triumph 765cc three-cylinder, will this mean Kalex loosen their iron grip on Moto2, or will they be fastest out of the blocks?


Image Credit: MotoGP


In the other four parts we will take a look at the other four chassis manufacturers. They are Forward-Suter, Speed-Up, KTM and the new kid on the block, NTS.

Featured image credit: Kalex Engineering Moto2.

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